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TechSoup Kenya is a technology donation and discount programme, implemented by Kenya Community Development Foundation (KCDF), with the core aim of responding to the technology requirements of nonprofit organisations, public libraries and faith-based organisations in Kenya.

TechSoup Kenya was established in June 2009, with the main objective of assisting nonprofit organisations in Kenya by providing software and hardware at very low or discounted fees in conjunction with ICT...Read More



Popular Products

Office Professional Plus

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Admin Fee: KSH4,301.08

Windows Pro Full Operating System

Get current or Previous version

Admin Fee: KSH967.74

Endpoint Protection (Protection for 1 Endpoint)

Admin Fee: KSH537.63

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Contact Us!

For queries and support please contact:
Kenya Community Development Foundation
Tel: 020 8067440/1/1
Mobile: +254 722 168480 or +254 736449217
Email: support@techsoupkenya.or.ke or techsoupsupport@kcdf.or.ke