TechSoup Kenya is a technology donation and discount programme, implemented
by the Kenya Community Development Foundation, with the core aim of responding to the technology requirements of nonprofit organisations, public libraries and faith-based organisations in Kenya. 

TechSoup Kenya was established in June 2009, with the main objective of assisting nonprofit organisations in Kenya by providing software and hardware at very low or discounted fees in conjunction with ICT donor partners, as well as by supporting nonprofit organisations to maximise their ICT purchases and infrastructure. TechSoup Kenya enables nonprofit organisations to access software and other ICT solutions at discounts of up to 95% of the retail value.

TechSoup Kenya forms part of TechSoup's evolving range of technology and related programmes aimed at supporting nonprofit organisations in all corners of the globe.

With offices in San Francisco, London and Warsaw, TechSoup's mission is to work  towards a time when every nonprofit organisation on the planet has the technology resources and knowledge they need to operate at their full potential. TechSoup and its nonprofit partners in more than 100 countries have already distributed more than 10 million technology products to more than 700 000 nonprofit organisations, resulting in savings of more than $5 billion.

TechSoup Kenya is open to all non-profit organisations in Kenya with a formal non-profit status. In addition to meeting the general programme eligibility criteria, organisations also need to meet the specific requirements of each technology donation partner.

TechSoup Kenya programme is working to include technology donations and offerings from other leading local and international technology companies.

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