TechSoup Kenya Courses for Nonprofits and Civil Society Groups


TechSoup Kenya Courses for Nonprofits and Civil Society Groups

Our E-learning content is designed specifically for staff at organizations just like yours. Learn from various experts that have deep experience in the sector and understand your unique organizational needs.


Courses Available Now

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When you enroll to TechSoup Kenya courses, you will create a personal account that allows you to track your progress and manage your learning experience.


How We Develop Our Courses

Our team is dedicated to helping you learn how to adopt technologies that support your organizations mission.

Our courses are developed in-house by our instructional design team in partnership with subject-matter experts. We partner with experts that have significant experience to ensure that our content is relevant to your needs.

We apply adult learning methodologies to produce content that is most appropriate for you and your organization.


Types of Courses

100 Level Courses: Basic introductions for learners that have little to no knowledge of the topic.

200 Level Courses: More advanced content to help learners apply knowledge.

300 Level Courses: Advanced, blended-learning that pairs on-demand content with weekly online, real-time events. Learners in small groups work with an expert over a six-week period to complete a project.