At TechSoup Kenya, we enable nonprofit organizations in East Africa access software and other ICT solutions at donated and discounted rates, making savings of up-to 60% -70% of their budget which are essentially ploughed back to meet the organizations programmatic work.

Whether your nonprofit organization is looking for affordable technology, tech support, or new ways to leverage on tech, TechSoup Kenya is here for you.

Here are top five things about us and what we offer to nonprofits:

1. Free Membership and Validation

TechSoup Kenya seeks to equip nonprofits, charities, faith-based organizations and civil society groups with the latest technology and skill sets to advance their goals.

All you need to do, is register your nonprofit organization through our website and provide us with the required documents that will confirm your eligibility for validation. The registration and validation processes are both free.

Nonprofit organizations are eligible to access donated and discounted tech products/services once they have been validated by the TechSoup Kenya Customer Service team.

2. Authorized Microsoft Cloud Reseller

TechSoup Kenya through the TechSoup Global Network is an accredited and authorized Microsoft Cloud Reseller to nonprofits.

TechSoup Kenya provides nonprofits with a variety of Microsoft products including office productivity software, windows operating systems, server software, and discounts on cloud subscriptions.


Some of the Microsoft cloud subscriptions we offer include Office 365, Microsoft 365 and Power BI which help nonprofits connect, collaborate and share data efficiently.

Feel free to go through our catalog to see other available Microsoft cloud products.


3. Affordable Tech to Nonprofits

TechSoup Kenya offers nonprofits both short- and long-term tech support. TechSoup Kenya connects nonprofit organizations with affordable technologies so that they can achieve greater impact in their mission. From tech support, to strategic tech planning, to fully managed IT services, our offerings are designed to meet the needs of all types of nonprofit organizations.

TechSoup Kenya partners with businesses such as Microsoft, Bitdefender, Tableau, Zoom, Amazon Web Services amongst other organizations who offer technology products and services at highly discounted rates.

More and more nonprofits are getting technology services and products through TechSoup Kenya that would have otherwise been a challenge to access directly.

4. Expert-Led Online Learning Content

Our learning courses are designed to add digital skills to your your nonprofit personnel. The courses give you an opportunity to learn from experts that have a deep experience in the sector and understand your unique nonprofit needs.

Our team is dedicated to helping you learn how to adopt technologies that support your nonprofit’s mission. We partner with experts that have significant experience to ensure that our content is relevant to your needs.

When you enroll in TechSoup Africa courses platform, you will create a personal account that allows you to track your progress and pace your learning experience.

The courses are available in English, French and Portuguese.


5.TechSoup Kenya offers its services to Nonprofits in East Africa

TechSoup Kenya, not only serves nonprofits in Kenya but covers East Africa at large. We offer our services to nonprofits located in:

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