What You Need to Know About Changes to TechSoup Kenya's AWS Credits Program

In order to empower more organizations to use Amazon Web Services (AWS), we've made changes to the AWS for Nonprofits Program. As of July 1, eligible nonprofits can access $1,000 in credits per year instead of the previous $2,000 offering.

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These credits will be made available for a lesser admin fee, and we hope that a greater number of organizations can now use this versatile and valuable offering. drawing of a man at a computer surrounded by symbols of money, time, and data AWS credits can be applied to usage fees for AWS on-demand cloud services and certain AWS support fees. For organizations that are accustomed to using the entirety of the $2,000 credit limit as well as for those that are new to the program, Amazon offers a number of helpful tools. These are meant to ensure that nonprofits can plan appropriately and use these credits most effectively.


  • New accounts can use the AWS Free Tier to get free, hands-on experience with the AWS platform, products, and services.
  • The Cost Optimization Tool provides cost transparency, control, forecasting, and optimization.
  • Free, digital, hands-on tutorials can help your organization get started with step-by-step tutorials to launch your first application.
  • AWS trainings teach cloud fundamentals and best practices.
  • Access Open Data on AWS, where you can share and consume open datasets.
  • Leverage AWS workshops, which are hands-on events to provide practical skills.


The following are additional AWS programs that nonprofits may qualify for if they meet the program's stated requirements:


For any questions about working with AWS or AWS programs supporting nonprofits, please contact AWS-Nonprofit-Programs@amazon.com

We are excited to make this offer available to a wider group of nonprofits looking to access AWS services. We hope that more organizations than ever begin to use this program to streamline their operations, solve problems, and better serve their communities.


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