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For answers to general questions about the Techsoup Kenya, including registration and placing an order, please see Techsoup Kenya Programme FAQs.


What is the Microsoft Software Donations Programme?
As part of Microsoft’s Affordable Access to Computing Programme, Microsoft operates the Microsoft Software Donations Programme in partnership with Techsoup Kenya, providing support and software donations to eligible Irish organisations.

Microsoft's aim is to build African prosperity, both socially and economically, through their Citizenship programmes.

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How can I find out if my organisation is eligible?
Please see Microsoft Eligibility Criteria for further information.

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How much software can my organisation request?
Each eligible organisation may request up to six software titles, and up to 50 user licenses per title, every two year period, with the following exceptions:

For server titles, organisations may request one server licence per title and up to 50 Client Access Licences (CALs). i.e. organisations may not order two copies of the same server title.

Server licences and accompanying CALs will, together, count as two separate titles towards the six-title limit.

Organisations may order additional licences of software titles that they already received through the Microsoft Software Donations Programme (as part of their previous order within the two-year ordering cycle). This is true even if the current title is an upgraded version of the original software. Such orders will not count against the six-title limit. However, the total number of licences requested for this title (between the two orders) may not exceed 50.

How often can my organisation request software?
Each eligible organisation may place a maximum of two orders (one per year) within a two-year period:

An organisation's first order initiates a two-year ordering cycle. After the ordering cycle has begun, an organisation must wait one full year before placing a second order. i.e. an organisation that ordered 01/07/06 may place a new order 01/07/07.

The combined total of products ordered in a two-year period may not exceed six titles and 50 user licences per title (or one licence per server title).

Once two years have passed since an organisation's original order, the order limits will be reset. i.e. a customer that placed an order on 01/07/06 may order six new titles and 50 licences per title (or one licence per server title) on 01/07/08.

Is there a minimum amount of products and software assurance that I need to order?
Microsoft's Open Licence Programme specifies that an organisation must request at least five "seats" to be eligible for a donation through our system:

1 License = 1 Seat
1 Server Processor License = 5+ Seats

Please note: Licences offered as 'processor licenses' automatically meet the five seat minimum because they come with unlimited clients.

Thus, an organisation must request at least 5 individual licences or one 'processor licence' to be eligible for a donation. Please see below for examples of orders that meet the five seat minimum:

Example 1

2 Publisher 2003 licences
1 Project 2003 Standard Edition licence
1 Visio 2003 Standard Edition licence
1 Office 2003 Standard Edition licence

Example 2

5 Office 2003 Standard Edition licences

Example 3

1 SQL Server 2000 (1 processor licence)

Example 4

1 Exchange Server licence
4 Exchange Server Client Access Licences (CALs)

Visit the Placing an Order page.

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How soon will we get the software?
Once your order has been accepted and processed, the normal turnaround time for licence requests is up to 14 days.

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What format will my order come in, and how will I receive it?
Orders are fulfilled using Microsoft Open Licensing.

This means that instead of shipping full packaged product and paper licences to you, you will receive:

Microsoft product media (ie: CDs) delivered by UTi Sun Couriers.

An email advising you that your Open Licence order has been accepted and processed by Microsoft, which will include:

Your Authorisation and Licence Agreement numbers.
Directions on how to download licensing agreements from the Microsoft eOpen website.
Product licence key codes that can be used with the media to install the software.

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Software Assurance

What is Software Assurance? How does it apply to my donation?
Software Assurance is a Microsoft programme that allows recipients to upgrade licences to any new release of eligible products within two years of the initial request. This means free upgrades for software that comes with Software Assurance within this two-year period. Software Assurance replaces the need to request upgrades for your organisation's volume licences.

Additionally, if you return to the online shop within the two-year ordering period to request additional licences for a product that has undergone a version upgrade, it will not count as an additional title toward limit of six titles per two-year period. The number of licences you order will, however, count toward the 50 licenses per title limit.

When you make a donation request for a Microsoft title or licences in the online shop, the product description will state clearly if the product comes with Software Assurance. For products that come with Software Assurance, your organisation will receive free upgrades for two years from the time of your original donation request.

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Refunds & Returns

What should I do if I want to return my order?
If you wish to return one or more items received through the Microsoft Software Donations Programme, the entire order should be returned to TechSoup Kenya. Microsoft returns can only be accepted providing media disks are in their original, unopened packaging, and none of the software has been installed. To be eligible for a return, the organisation must not have accessed the license keys on Microsoft’s eOpen Web site.

Please e-mail us at with 'Order Return Request' as the subject line, and include the following information in the text of your email:

  • Organisation Name
  • Registered NGO and PIN Number
  • Order Confirmation Number
  • Reason for return or refund request

Please notify Techsoup Kenya Customer Service of the impending return by calling +254 20 224 7507. Once all items in the original order have been received and verified, your refund will be processed. In the case where you wish to place a revised order, we will notify you when your account has been reset.

When returning products, package items securely in a sturdy shipping box. Please be sure to enclose a note that references your order number and describes the reason for return, and mail to:

Techsoup Kenya Returns


Kenya Community Development Foundation

P.O.Box 10501 - 00100

Nairobi, KENYA

Morning Side Office Park - 4th Floor

Ngong Road

Please note: To receive a refund on products ordered through the Microsoft Software Donations Programme, items should be returned within 60 days of delivery.

Please allow approximately 10-15 business days for refund processing and for the ordering limits on your account to be reset.

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Additional Information

How can I find out more about Microsoft?
One of the areas in which Microsoft works, to make a difference socially within Citizenship, is through Community Affairs. Microsoft has successfully established an extensive network of non-profit partners who they work with to support community-based programmes and local projects which will enable more people to have access to technology. They give to a range of major charity projects both financially and through gifts in kind. In addition they support the investment of their employees in the community.
For more information about Microsoft’s wider Citizenship programmes, please see Microsoft SA Citizenship.

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