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GDPR Takes Effect in May 2018 — Is Your Nonprofit Ready?

A new data privacy law may affect your nonprofit: what to do about it

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Why attend the ICT4D Conference?

Attend the leading ICT4D conference to meet your ICT4D community and debate solutions and answers to questions such as how and where ICT innovation helps sectors in aid and development achieve goals and accelerate their objectives.

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FAQs: Microsoft Program Changes on TechSoup Kenya

Microsoft changes: Microsoft's goal is to enable even more Nonprofit organizations have an even greater impact.

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Important Changes to the Microsoft Software Donation Program on TechSoup Kenya

Changes to the Microsoft Software Donation Program

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What You Can Do About Ransomware

Malware can disable your IT (information technology) system until a ransom is paid. Here is more information about how you can protect your organization.

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What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing?

Cloud services have become very popular in recent years.

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Guide to Veritas Backup and Recovery Products

Guide to Veritas Backup and Recovery Products You can use this guide to find the Veritas recovery or backup product appropriate to your organization's needs. Veritas System Recovery and Veritas Backup Exec are two families of applications designed to protect an organization's data from losses due to system failures.

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How to download and install your Microsoft Donation from the Volume Licensing Service Centre (VLSC)

You can use this guide if you have placed a Microsoft donation request through TechSoup Kenya, but aren't sure how to access your donations.

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