FAQs: Microsoft Program Changes on TechSoup Kenya

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Q: Why is Microsoft making these changes?

Microsoft’s goal is to enable even more nonprofit organizations to have an even great impact. However, it takes a new philanthropy model to sustainably scale software donations in a subscription (or cloud) model.
Microsoft’s new Tech for Social Impact team is organized as a social enterprise where profits will be reinvested into providing more support for nonprofits.
See also https://blogs.microsoft.com/on-the-issues/?p=57515

Q: Is Microsoft changing eligibility requirements for its donated products?

No, eligibility for donated offers through TechSoup Kenya remain the same. Microsoft maintains one of the broadest definitions of eligibility of all technology donors. Unfortunately, there are still organization types that would like to request a donation but do not qualify. For these organizations, we hope that other offers on TechSoup Kenya may be helpful. Rest assured that we inform all of our donors about who else is eager to find an affordable way to use their products.

Q: Will there be eligibility requirements for the discounted products? If so, will they be the same as for donated products?

At this time, our understanding is that the same eligibility requirements used for donated products will apply to organizations seeking discounted products.

Q: Will libraries continue to be eligible for Microsoft donations and discounts through TechSoup Kenya?

Yes, libraries continue to qualify for Microsoft nonprofit donations and discounts as well as a host of other offers and resources on TechSoup Kenya.

Q: Can you explain the change being made to Microsoft “title group” restrictions?

A title group consists of all products that essentially serve the same purpose. For example, all Windows operating system products are in one title group. Currently, eligible organizations can request up to 50 licenses per title group from a maximum of 10 title groups. There are more than 35 title groups. For more information: https://www.techsoupkenya.or.ke/microsoft-eligibility#guidelines Starting April 1, 2018, eligible organizations can choose among all of the Microsoft donated products without being limited to 10 title groups. Unless otherwise stated, they can request a maximum of 50 licenses of each product within a two-year period. Server products continue to have product specific license limits.

Q: What is the difference between “standard” and “premium” products?

Premium products are usually referred to as “professional” or “enterprise,” such as Office Professional or Visio Professional. Standard products are usually referred to as “standard,” such as Office Standard or Visio Standard.

Q: What is “on-premises” software?

“On-premises” refers to software products that are installed on a computer versus products that are offered as “software as a service” by subscription. See also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/On-premises_software

Q: I cannot use cloud-based products at this time. Will I still be able to get Microsoft on-premises software on April 1?

Eligible organizations will still be able to request donations of standard on-premises Microsoft products, for example Office Standard 2016 and Visio Standard, through TechSoup Kenya after April 1.
Premium on-premises Microsoft products, such as Office Enterprise 2016 and Visio Professional, will be available as discounted products only, starting April 1. TechSoup Kenya will be launching discount programs to provide you with the full range of offers. We aim to make these discount offers available to you as soon after April 1 as possible.

Q: Is the donation program being phased out?

No. Microsoft will continue donating technology to nonprofits for the foreseeable future. Over the last three fiscal years, Microsoft has donated over $1 billion each year in cash and services to nonprofits. That commitment is unchanged. In fact, Microsoft hopes to triple the number of nonprofits it reaches over the next three years by providing a broader range of licensing options.
TechSoup Kenya works with over 100 donor partners that remain committed to collaborating with us to offer donations and deeply discounted offers to nonprofits. We're always expanding what we offer to better meet the needs of nonprofits. We don't intend to let up.

Q: What if I need more on-premises software licenses?

If you need more on-premises software licenses than are available to you as donations through TechSoup Kenya, or if you need products that are no longer available as donations, you will be able to request nonprofit discounted software licenses for those same products through TechSoup Kenya soon after April 1. You can also get licenses for those same products from other authorized charity resellers or directly from Microsoft.

Q: Do these changes mean that TechSoup Kenya will be closing down?

No! We remain committed to connecting nonprofits with the resources they need to fulfill their missions. TechSoup Kenya works very closely with all of our donor partners to ensure that we continue to support their philanthropic programs as they evolve with the changing tech landscape. Our business model and our programs must also keep evolving in order to fulfill our mission.
You will see new programs and services offered by TechSoup Kenya to better support you such as technical support including deployment of software. We will look for new ways to bring value to nonprofits and to technology providers, and we will continue to keep the fees for our services as low as possible.