Airbnb’s got you covered


Here is a new idea to attract people to your cause while creating a new funding stream.

Airbnb, the online community for booking unique homes and travel experiences around the world, has just launched social impact experiences. If your nonprofit meets the eligibility criteria, hosting a social impact experience is free and invites you to host local workshops, activities, and tours so guests can get to know your cause. One hundred percent of what guests pay goes directly to your organization.

How Social Impact Experiences Work

As a nonprofit organization, you host an activity that immerses travelers (and passionate locals) in your cause. Guests can book your experience on Airbnb, and all of the funds collected go directly to your organization.

Plus, your nonprofit will be showcased on the Airbnb platform, which receives millions of visits a day. You'll broaden awareness, and more importantly, create ambassadors for your cause through the meaningful experiences you have with them.

What Does a Social Impact Experience Look Like?

Experiences typically last a couple of hours and can take different forms. They can be volunteering activities that allow guests to make a tangible impact — like urban gardening or cooking for shelter families. Or, you can help guests gain an appreciation for your cause through an educational or cultural activity — like a DJ lesson with a music nonprofit or a bike tour through LGBTQ history.

How to Get Started

Choose a host from your organization (a staff member, volunteer, or of course, yourself!) and set the dates and times you’d like to offer your experience. Many nonprofits choose to host 1 – 2 times per month. You can also set the price for your experience.

Sign up on Airbnb or get a little more info first. This new service is available in particular cities to start with and for nonprofits that meet the eligibility criteria. You can view Airbnb's complete list of social impact experiences so far by going to the Airbnb mobile app, tapping Experiences, and filtering for social impact. If you have any questions, please reach out to social-impact@airbnb.com.

So, to recap: social impact experiences on Airbnb are a way to raise new funds, generate worldwide awareness, and gain champions for your mission. Get more details