Why your nonprofit should consider Box for cloud storage


Why choose Box?

Box is a cloud-based file sharing and collaboration tool. Users drag and drop files or entire folder structures into Box and distribute them via a “Share” button. It's the most affordable option for nonprofits and has a number of useful features that differentiates it from similar tools.

Box is committed to supporting the nonprofit sector and offers 10 perpetual licences to nonprofits through TechSoup Kenya for a one-time admin fee of Ksh. 8,936.00. Box already serves over 3,000 nonprofits around the world and their generous donation make them an obvious choice for a file-sharing solution.

Unique Features

Box provides in-app features to comment on shared work, assign tasks to colleagues, and receive notifications when files are edited. It’s compatible with most platforms, syncs seamlessly with cloud suites like Google Drive and Office 365, and integrates well with many third-party apps like Salesforce. The wide compatibility of Box allows you to add it to your toolkit without having to give anything up. In fact, you may find your tools are easier to use with the addition of Box!

Security is a priority and users can password protect files and folders, customize viewing and editing permissions by user, and even set expiration dates for certain files containing sensitive information you don’t want lingering in "the cloud".

Files stored on Box are encrypted with SL, 256-bit AES encryption that meets EU and Swiss Safe Harbor certification standards. This means nonprofits can rest easy that their confidential information is well-protected.

It’s ideal for small teams collaborating on projects - a familiar scenario with the work of many nonprofits! Steven Anderson, CTO with Grameen Foundation, says they often worked with 100 documents for a single grant proposal. Box made it possible to coordinate their efforts and information in a clear, efficient and streamlined way.

Files can also be set to automatically back up. For example, you can take a photo with your phone and have it automatically sent to your Box account, making it readily available. Box also boasts a built-in image viewer and music player, which makes browsing files clear and simple.


Through TechSoup Kenya, eligible nonprofits can get 10 licences of Box's Starter Edition. They receive 100GB total storage space shared among all users, and a file upload limit of 2GB.

Box provides 24-hr phone and online customer support, and has a large online community where you can post questions and get feedback from more advanced users.

Box can help coordinate your nonprofit's efforts to further your mission. Interested? Register with TechSoup Kenya today to see if you're eligible for Box!